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Art Psychotherapy is about the process of making and doing things to help you understand your thoughts and feelings.


Sometimes it is so hard to talk about how we feel, and about our life's experiences that using materials can help us understand ourselves more clearly. Some people have big feelings that are scary or hard to manage. It maybe that things in your life have changed and you need time to think about these changes with an Art Therapist and work out new ways to express your feelings.



Young people who find it hard to express how they feel in words, can find Art Therapy helps them explore their feelings. This may be about things they feel sad, nervous or angry about. Things may be hard at home, school, with friends and it can be helpful to explore these with someone mutual.

Nikki has worked for CAMHS and in independent practice. She has worked with young people who have experiences of; eating difficulties, self harm, learning difficulties, family matters, bullying and many emotions that they do not know yet understand. Nikki often works dyadically to help build understanding at home and increase the ability to make systemic changes. Nikki also has experience of working with young people who have life limiting conditions, intense medical trauma or those who have experienced bereavement.

Girl Painting in Art Class
Autism Therapy



You can chose from a range of activities, for example; using pens, paints, pencils, writing, drawing, modelling and playing. Sometimes we use puppet play, toys and sand play within story work. Usually you will be able to choose what you wish to use to express your feelings and show what is on your mind.


You will work with an Art Psychotherapist on your own, or with your family.  It is a chance to share and express your feelings in a creative way. This can enable you to find new ways to manage when life gets hard.     



  • You will be offered an assessment and meet Nikki.

  • We will think about what is going well and what is getting in the way of your life.


  • We will make a plan about what you want to work on in therapy.


  • We may use art materials to see if they are a good medium for you to use.


  • We will agree how many sessions to have.


  • We will agree if this is individual work or/and with members of your parents family/carers.​


  • Talk about confidentiality and sharing information in line with GDPR.

Art Therapy sessions are usually booked in blocks of 6 sessions and reviewed to ensure we are working in the best way for you.

Holding Hands



Art Therapists are state registered with HCPC and members of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). Nikki first trained as a Primary School teacher and then worked as a youth worker while training for her Post Graduate diploma in Art Therapy. Nikki has practiced as an Art Therapist since she qualified in 2000. She has worked in services for adults, with people with learning needs,  in a specific service for people who had eating disorders, for Charities and 2004-2019 CAMHS since 2004. Nikki is registered for private practice and as a private supervisor with BAAT and is a certified in Dyadic Developmental practice.

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