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I am reddy Red Squirrel. Nikki has written a book about my jealous feelings when I got a new sibling.

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Reddy Gets Jealous

This book is from the reminiscences of Reddy Red Squirrel who hoped and dreamed of having a sibling. Reddy describes her own story:

“This is a story about when I really wanted a sibling, wanted somebody to play with so much!  And one day I got my wish!  My own adoptive parents brought home a newer, younger sibling.

"Soon after Little Grey Squirrel came to live with us, I felt disappointed. It seemed that having a little brother was not exactly what I had hoped.

"My parents noticed I was feeling disappointed, frustrated, and angry.  They recognized that I really felt very jealous.  They kindly asked me about my feelings.  They helped name my jealousy.  Jealous of the attention and the seeming importance of the new little brother.

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