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"A cohesive masterpiece!  We all read it together on the bed.  Then the book disappeared.  We found our son reading it in his room.  He related how he also felt shame."


"It was very intense for her to hear it; she asks for two chapters at a time.  It's such a direct way to tell her story -- it touches her and helps her create a narrative.  I don't ask her that many questions.  I just go over the feelings, to help her be a participant."


"There's the depth -- I like the step by step, chronological aspects of it."


"It's curious about their first mother.  They're not missing her by now, not yearning, but they have a curiosity."


"Masterfully done!"


An Art therapist

Thanks for sending the book. 


I think it was a really understandable and gentle story that I could relate to. I  like working with stories. I find them so useful in offering containment through the actual object and through the sequential pattern of story telling. As well as offering lots of ways to play with imagery and metaphors, depending on what viewers connect to. I could see myself dipping in and out of these chapters in a similar way.


I  liked the message of the mother fox quietly staying with little fox while they showed their confusing feelings, before finding ways to share and reflect back on little foxes experiences and feelings of shame. I think that is the strongest message for me.


I drifted into my own thoughts when looking at the images. I liked that as

 it was helpful to pause and connect to some of the characters visually, as well as contemplate my own feelings and narratives that relate. I can imagine some clients finding this helpful too, even if they aren't ready to read it altogether or share/explore what comes up for them.


Thanks for sharing. I look forward to playing with it.


A DDP therapist

 It’s just the most brilliant book Nikki. I really love it. F


A DDP therapist

X has sent me a copy of Little Grey Fox per your request.  The book is lovely in print -the illustrations enrich the words; the story moves along smoothly and with clarity.  Thank you so much!  You accomplished it quickly - or so it seems on my end, probably not at all on yours.




An adoptive parent

Your book is beautifully written and illustrated.  It deals with shame very well.

Even though it is maybe aimed at younger children, I am going to give a copy to my daughter, as inside there is still a young child who is angry and ashamed of what has happened to her.  This book will reach many parts of the psyche.

Good Work!

I will be promoting it in my adoption circles.


A CBT counsellor

I enjoyed reading little grey fox and felt it connected with children brilliantly 


An adoption social worker team lead

What have you just done to me!  I’m sat in a steamed up car as my youngest does her hockey training and my eyes are all wet from how moved I was from your beautiful writing.  Wow, what a story and how beautiful it was, the unfolding sense of the repair happening and Little Grey Fox finally feeling like he had someone who really knew him.  Just so lovely.  I really hope that it makes it into print. It really moved me, so many times.  So many sentences got me in the ‘feels’ as  my girls would call it.  Just that real connection with how Little Fox was feeling and as he was beginning to feel noticed and understood, so powerful.  It really does deserve to get published.  I bet many hours has gone into you writing this as its just so sensitively done. 


A DDP consultant and trainer

I brought your beautiful book away with me to read it properly… It is absolutely gorgeous and a gift to our community. 


An MA Film student

I read through the story yesterday, great job! It felt so different and fresh in terms of content for a kids story, and yet felt familiar in terms of the style of storytelling I remember from childhood. 


I definitely think that a story that is tackling complex themes like this in a complex way will really benefit from illustrations - visualisations of things I think will really help kids understand the story. On that note, I think if this were to be made in a filmic way, animation would suit the story far better. I think there is something about animation that kids can tune into, and so longer stretches of dialogue, more mature themes and more challenging/resonant stories can be told and explored, whilst the audience doesn’t lose focus.

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