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Palmer Street Therapies

With many years of experience, Nikki Linfield (Art Therapist certified in DDP) offers Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP), Art Therapy and Clinical Supervision from her  Palmer Street, Weston Super Mare. Nikki is a DDP Pace trainer and can offer DDP experienced practioner supervision.

Palmer Street also offers therapy room hire for qualified and registered self employed, private therapists or professionals. Take a look for yourself and see how Nikki can help you, or how you can work with her!


How can palmer street therapies help you or someone you care about?

Art Therapy | Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy | Clinical Supervision | Room Hire


Art Therapy

 Making and doing things can help you understand thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is hard to talk about how we feel, and about life's experiences, but using materials can help us understand ourselves more clearly.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

An interactive and experiential relationship-building therapy designed to help understand the impact of Early Childhood Trauma and how it impacts people’s current relationships with primary attachment figure.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision gives you the opportunity to explore your practice as a professional, whilst also offering clients safe and authentic therapy in the comfort of Palmer Street Therapies.

Room Hire

Palmer Street Therapies offers a variety of rooms for hire to professional, qualified and registered self employed, private therapists or professionals. Rooms range from 1 person therapy, up to small groups.

Associated & Registered with

Holding Hands


Why Palmer Street Therapies?

"Nikki's patience, calm approach and insightfulness, alongside creativity, experience and professionalism make her absolutely fabulous at her job!"

“Nikki has a natural talent for what she does! She is so passionate about her work and takes her time to get to know and cater for each individual.”

“Palmer Street Therapies is a really welcoming place. You instantly feel at ease and with Nikki's help, life seems to be clearer. Thank you!”

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